About Us

The Vocals Guy got his start doing webinars for a tech startup. With the company in bootstrap mode & marketing budget limited, the webinars he initiated, produced, & hosted were a cost effective way to significantly increase demand generation efforts. Over time, that webinar series became the firm’s most productive lead creation channel. It also boasted the highest MQL-to-SQL conversion ratio of any marketing program the company ran.

The webinars eventually led The Vocals Guy to host & produce a podcast series called “Intelligent Automation Radio”. That show grew to become the #1 podcast for IT executives seeking insights on the impact & opportunities for innovation that automation delivers to businesses around the world.

In parallel to these successes, requests began coming in to provide voice overs for explainer videos, promo spots, E-Learning tutorials, and other voice acting jobs. The demand for a voice talent who sounds authentic, trustworthy, & persuasive kept leading to new opportunities. With casual requests growing, The Vocals Guy decided to formally offer his services to a wider audience.

He looks forward to working with you & helping make your project successful.